Tips in Controlling Cat Fleas and Ticks


As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet get no fleas and ticks. Else, you and your cat will deal with a miserable life. To keep this from happening, it’s best that you prevent them from occurring.

Cats and other pets can easily get fleas and ticks whenever they wander outside the house or they meet a wandering fellow. Yes, this can happen especially when a wandering cat gets in your house and leave some fleas on your sofa or carpet. Fleas can easily lay eggs on these areas of your house.

Fleas present in your cats will not only harm your pet but even your whole family. Yes, these fleas can bite you. If not treated immediately, your cat can suffer from sores that can also lead to blood poisoning. It is wrong to think that fleas can only be present on dirty cats. Even your well-groomed cat can get fleas since there might lie some of them on your carpets. Then worse things can happen if the eggs all hatch out.

To know if your cats is infested with fleas, you have to carefully look at its fur or your carpets and sofas. A flea is a tiny brown creature that can jump far and fast on your cat’s fur. This may not be very easy to do when the fur of your car is dark. When you start to notice them, then it’s best for you to spray your furnishings and your cat. You can see your veterinarian to know what is best for you to use and get rid of cat fleas on your cat and your house.

To prevent worse cases from happening, it is better that you prevent fleas from entering your lives. There are actually plenty of ways to do this. One is to apply a liquid on your cat, specifically at the back of the neck, on a monthly basis. Of course, you have to search for the less traumatic sprays but effective in preventing fleas. Flea collar is also available. However, these can also be harmful when being caught in a tree. For more preventive measures visit this site

Experts would always recommend cat lovers and owners to prevent fleas rather than to cure them. Ensuring that your pet is free from fleas can help you save money compared to treating the problem with expensive sprays. So, take an action right now and don’t wait to see fleas on your cat’s fur and around your home.



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